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Grant application criteria

Available grants within the Digital Springboard

The Digital Springboard Grants provided by East Suffolk Council look to assist businesses with their digital needs in this challenging climate

Digital Springboard offers

Grants for East Suffolk Businesses

It supports work underway to revitalise our high streets and enables our businesses to better adapt to the aftermath of Covid-19 and the current high cost of living.

The grants are available to Micro and small businesses including sole-traders, partnerships, and limited companies based in East Suffolk.

All grants are subject to a 1 to 1 appointment with MENTA where eligibility and criteria will be discussed before being approved by the East Suffolk Council. To begin please email us to complete an application form.

Digital Springboard

Grant application steps


121 call

To check your eligibility and registration on the Digital Springboard Programme and provide the application form.



Application assessed by East Suffolk council


Grant agreed

Confirmation of the grant approval and funds issued


Final stage

Evidence of purchase provided to East Suffolk Council and grant application finalised